Herbie Hancock in concert

April 19, 1968: During UC Jazz Festival week, Herbie Hancock, pianist with the Miles Davis Quintet, gives a 10-minute-long concert on the chimes. The administration funds Hancock’s performance at the student-run festival, with a group of campus deans recalling “how the campus went wild one afternoon years ago when Alec Templeton played ‘Sweet Sue’ in [...]


Original Berkeley Medal

Sept. 13-21, 1980: : An International Festival of the Bells, subsidized by 1928 alumnus Jerry Chambers, draws to the Campanile the world’s top carillonists, who arrive from Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Washington, D.C. and New York City. Chancellor Ira Michael Heyman holds a banquet for them and presents each with a newly created bronze Berkeley [...]


University Carillonist #1

1983-1995: UC Berkeley moves to the international forefront of modern carillon music through the achievements of Ronald Barnes, one of the most important figures in the instrument’s history. The financial security provided by the Chamberses’ 1983 endowment of the carillon program allows Barnes – UC Berkeley’s first University Carillonist – time to write dozens of [...]


The Campanile Movie

1997: “The Campanile Movie,” a short film by alumnus Paul Debevec, premieres at a Los Angeles computer graphics convention, and its novel virtual-cinematography techniques are used for the 1999 major motion picture The Matrix. Debevec’s 1996 Ph.D. thesis demonstrated Façade, a new image-based modeling and rendering system for creating photorealistic architectural models from photographs. His [...]