Even more bones

1921-1927: The Campanile opens its doors to thousands more fossils, this time from the McKittrick tar pits in San Joaquin Valley. The 9,000-to-13,000-year-old objects excavated by the UC Museum of Paleontology include the remains of dire wolves, coyotes, camels, mammoths, many kinds of birds and small rodents, wood and seeds from juniper and pine trees, [...]


Carillonneur extraordinaire

Summer 1923: Margaret Murdock, a UC staff member, begins her 60-year-long career playing the bells in the Campanile. Hers is the longest service among the many employees, students and volunteers who perform in the bell tower over the decades. In 1978, Murdock receives the first Berkeley Citation given to a woman for her extraordinary service [...]


All jazzed up

1940-41: Famed blind jazz pianist Alec Templeton gives a concert on the bells two years in a row at the invitation of UC Berkeley chimesmaster John Noyes. The Welsh musician’s numbers include “Oh Johnny Oh,” “Body and Soul,” “It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More” and “Sweet Sue.” In 1938, Noyes had rejected student pleas for [...]


Cover of TIME

Oct. 6, 1947: A stylized blue and gold Campanile, and UC President Robert Gordon Sproul, make the cover of Time magazine for a story on Sproul and the unprecedented size and administrative complexity of the postwar UC system. At the time, UC, with 41,451 students, is the largest university in the country. It not only [...]


Cracking up

1950-1957: Ongoing cracks in the tower’s façade, first noticed in the late 1920s, produce loose pieces of granite and marble, including a large slab of marble that falls from the west side in 1950. Repairs are made, and to protect passersby from future falling fragments, a planting bed is placed around the tower base, and [...]


Let there be light, camera, action!

1951: The Campanile is a backdrop for the movie Night into Morning, which stars the future Nancy Reagan. Nancy Davis plays an understanding widow and UC Berkeley departmental secretary who helps an English professor cope after his family dies in a house fire. The movie is filmed, in part, on campus. The grieving professor contemplates [...]