Getting amped

Aug. 23, 2003: At the 6th Berkeley Carillon Festival, the world premiere of “Alignments” helps launch an increasing number of new compositions that will debut at UC Berkeley for carillon and live, amplified instruments. Written by David Wessel, then-director of the campus’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, and performed with University Carillonist Jeff [...]

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Surfing for fossils

2006: The tower’s La Brea fossils are introduced to the world when the University of California Museum of Paleontology database goes online. As a result, interest in the museum collections, including the tower fossils, experiences a big jump. Researchers from many universities, including Occidental College, UCLA and the University of Iowa, begin visiting the campus [...]

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Students take the bench

Fall 2006: The first student-led course on playing the carillon is introduced. “Learning to Play the Sather Tower Carillon” remains a popular part of the Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal) program. For University Carillonist Jeff Davis, training a new generation of carillonists has been a top priority, along with composing. Currently, Davis teaches 15 to20 [...]

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Who let the wolves out

2010-2011: In the lab of integrative biology professor Leslea Hlusko, a team of undergraduates led by Ph.D. candidate Oliver Rizk improves the Campanile’s La Brea tar pit collection by organizing, cleaning and studying a large subset of the remains of the dire wolf, an extinct carnivorous mammal. For Rizk, whose dissertation research was on cranial [...]

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