Welcome, Mr. President

Feb. 12, 1921: A bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln is put into place at the base of the Campanile’s south façade. Made by artist and [...]


Even more bones

1921-1927: The Campanile opens its doors to thousands more fossils, this time from the McKittrick tar pits in San Joaquin Valley. The 9,000-to-13,000-year-old objects excavated [...]


Carillonneur extraordinaire

Summer 1923: Margaret Murdock, a UC staff member, begins her 60-year-long career playing the bells in the Campanile. Hers is the longest service among the [...]


All jazzed up

1940-41: Famed blind jazz pianist Alec Templeton gives a concert on the bells two years in a row at the invitation of UC Berkeley chimesmaster [...]


War banners wave

1943-45: During World War II, a banner is hung from the Campanile with a number indicating the more than 17,000 members of the UC community [...]


Cover of TIME

Oct. 6, 1947: A stylized blue and gold Campanile, and UC President Robert Gordon Sproul, make the cover of Time magazine for a story on [...]


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