The first stone

March 18, 1914: The tower’s cornerstone is laid in a student-led ceremony. By late spring, the unfinished Campanile already has become a stop on the [...]


Jane’s 12 bells

1914-1915: Twelve bells are cast for the tower by John Taylor & Co., a foundry in England. By the end of 1915, the “Sather Bells,” [...]


A tower is born

Late 1915: Construction of the tower is complete. On Dec. 1, the Campanile’s four clocks, made in Springfield, Mass., by the Standard Electric Time Co., [...]


Ten cents a ride

March 24, 1916: The tower opens to visitors for the first time. An elevator ride to the observation deck – a rare thing for bell [...]


The bells’ dramatic trek

October 1917: The Campanile’s bells, which left England by cargo ship the previous year, arrive in San Francisco. Their journey during World War I had [...]


Major tourist attraction

1920: Tourists flock to the Campanile, now a major tourist attraction with its stunning views of UC Berkeley and the Bay Area. More than 1,000 [...]


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