Wanted: New look for UC

1898-99: An international design competition is held for a new look for the growing, but architecturally undistinguished, University of California. The UC regents request a [...]


John Galen Howard steps in

Circa 1903: Newly hired University Supervising Architect John Galen Howard begins designing a bell tower as part of new architectural plan for the university. The [...]


The woman behind the Campanile

Early 1911: Jane Sather provides funding for the tower and bells and formally requests that work proceed on the Jane K. Sather Campanile. She provides [...]


Athens of the West

Summer 1913: Construction on the tower begins. With Doe Library, the Hearst Memorial Mining Building and several other structures finished, Howard is beginning to largely [...]


Unlikely inhabitants

1913: While still under construction, the Campanile becomes storage space for a massive amount of fossils collected by UC-led excavations at the Rancho La Brea [...]


Sky-high feast

Jan. 31, 1914: The steel frame’s completion is celebrated with a sky-high feast on the future observation deck, some 200 feet in the air. According [...]


Project team:
Steve Finacom, Gretchen Kell – research/writing
Melani King, Laurie Frasier – design/web production